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Creative Gift Hampers for youngsters

We have now added our youngsters gift hampers filled with treats and crafty projects designed to get creative juices flowing.  
These hampers are also fun for adults.

 Having run an interactive craft centre for many years, I learned in that time that all ages can get crafty.  When we are sat painting, or writing, sewing, knitting, the list goes on .. but when we find a little project it helps us just switch off from any heavy thoughts we may be having and slip into a world of creativity.   You don’t have to be the next Picasso or even have to make a perfect job of it, the most important thing is that you enjoy it.  

Some people don’t enjoy creating and that’s ok.  That’s what makes the world a vibrant place as we are all so unique.   Your qualities will lie elsewhere.  But if you think about this, we are ALL creative... from the moment you get up - from deciding what to wear, that’s creative .... making your first cuppa of the day- you’ve created something there! - a tasty little drink for yourself! 

Whatever it is you find yourself doing today, just make sure it brings you happiness 


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