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Feathers appear when loved ones are near.  Ready to hang

Feathers appear when loved ones are near. Ready to hang

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Feather Orb


To create the hearts & orbs we use our signature blend of the purest of ingredients including Quartz, angelite, marble & selenite blended and blessed with the highest of energies so this loving vibration which is captured is felt by the recipient


When you say something often enough it becomes a part of you and you start to really feel it and believe it.
Affirmations are powerful.
They bring forth confidence, a sense of belonging ... filling your entire being with love and light.
How special is that 💖
So we are very excited to create these lovely affirmation hearts and orbs.
Using crystals to create, divinely blessed and left to cure in beautiful healing music :)

This Orb is the larger of the two we create. It measure approximately 8cm in width

On the listing you can
Choose your text colour

The dangly designs will come with a clear organza ribbon.

Each one comes in a pouch.

Ideal as a gift for yourself or someone you love and care for