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Manifest Abundance Aura Mist Spray

Manifest Abundance Aura Mist Spray

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Manifest Abundance Channeled Aura Mist Spray 

Made here in our studio.

Carefully blended pure essential oils combined with the finest of ingredients have been used to create this wonderful collection of Aura mist sprays.


These sprays will help you in many aspects of your life, simple to use but very effective.   Literally surrounding yourself with positive energy as the Aura  mist gently sprays down on you. 

We use the sprays ourselves and have felt the power of them. Just trust which one you feel drawn to and if it’s a gift for someone else just trust again which you feel drawn to   Choose with your heart.  

crystal energy is captured within the essence to enhance the vibration 

we have several variations of the Aura mist spray in our collection   

 Most are self explanatory 

the angel ones are as follows :-

Archangel Raphael - for healing, for self love - for forgiveness and moving on 

Archangel Gabriel - for creativity and births including birth of new ideas 

Archangel Michael - for protection, strength and communication - also helps with cutting emotional ties. For finding your life purpose  

Archangel Chamuel - for peace within relationships   Nurturing the family unit and connecting to your inner child   

Archangel Uriel - for problem solving, helping with dilemmas - helping clarity of mind   

Directions for use are on
the bottle. Choose from handy travel sized 15ml plastic bottle or 30ml glass bottle or a bigger 50ml glass bottle 

Also available as a very small 1ml sample bottle if you want to try just a small amount first   

Please note the picture shows the 15ml plastic bottle          

FREE Friendship/Positivity card with each spray mist you order.(NOT WITH SAMPLE BOTTLE!)    Fits in your purse/wallet   
Choose from my design collection and let me know which you would like or if I don’t hear from you, I will send a random friendship card. 

There is also an option to have your very own channeled aura mist spray  created especially for you   Simply choose the option in the box below and I will contact you with more information  


Makes a lovely gift to yourself or a loved one. 
Or an awesome extra in one of our gift hampers.   

We can send direct to them.