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Power Animal Aura Mist Spray with Free positivity card

Power Animal Aura Mist Spray with Free positivity card

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Channeled Aura Mist Sprays

Divinely inspired capturing the essence of the high vibrational energy of the Spirit Animal realms.

Much needed to keep our energy as high as possible. Whilst feeling strong within ourselves as well as inspired, protected and unconditionally loved.

Made here in our studio.

Carefully blended pure essential oils combined with the finest of ingredients have been used to create this wonderful collection of Aura mist sprays.

Simply choose the energy you wish to connect to from our range.

Dragon - for connecting to your roots and for protection 

Wolf - for focus, determination - nurturing and protecting family unit 

Phoenix - reinventing oneself - for self confidence and empowerment 

Unicorn - for connecting to magical realms and for eradicating old thought patterns and shifting blocked energy  


Spray comes in a 30ml or a
50ml glass bottle


Makes a lovely gift to yourself or a loved one.

With each purchase we also send you a FREE positivity card which can fit in your purse or wallet.

We have currently 30 energy mists in our collection.
Please check the other listings for all the other scents.